Rules and Regulations

It is considered necessary to follow the rules, regulations and procedures, which are deemed necessary for the smooth functioning of a successful institution. Vivekananda College of law (VCL) is committed to maintain the highest standard of the discipline and decorum. There is collective responsibility of the whole class to maintain the discipline and decorum. The whole class is obligated to identify the student who indulges in disorderly act of indiscipline, failing which the class as a whole will be held responsible. Students must not loiter indulging in noisy or disorderly conduct in corridor or in the class room, Library, Computer zone, canteen, play ground are within the college campus.

Ragging is strictly prohibited. Any student found indulged in the act of ragging will immediately be rusticated & FIR will be lodged against him. Smoking or consuming intoxicating substances within the premises of the college is strictly prohibited. Student of the college will not be allowed to organize any demonstration, agitation, meeting, and deputation, etc which may jeopardize the normal functioning and congenial atmosphere of the college and create tension amongst the students and college staff and such other violent acts.

To do away with the complaint of the sexual misconduct and to promote the congenial, conducive and healthy relationship within the premises of the College, Vivekananda College of law adopts the norms laid down by the Honorable Supreme Court of India in Vishakha case to take the appropriate action whenever it is deemed necessary. Indiscipline is treated seriously and punishment including expulsion from the College is to be administered by the relevant authorities of the College.